Customer reviews of Landa Cosmetic & MedSpa in Framingham, MA

I had my initial experience with Landa spa yesterday. I cannot say enough good things about my visit. First the office was low-key and very relaxing , the staff was very welcoming, they made me feel special. I had a laser hair removal treatment, and that is not usually the most pleasant procedure but my technician made me so comfortable and talked to me through the entire experience that I did not even realize when she was finished. Talk about the art of distraction :) I would highly recommend this spa to my family and friends. I cannot wait... read full review )
Gayle S. – Melrose, MA
I was very pleased with Landa Cosmetics laser hair removal service. It was for real, PAIN FREE. Having unwanted back hair, I was hesitant at first. But with the latest technology Landa has, it was surprisingly a wonderful experience. The staff is lovely. Thank you again!
Steven – Medford, MA
I first heard of Landa Med Spa when I was searching for a place in the area to go for a facial and Endermologie cellulite reduction treatment.  I had an awesome go-to place when I used to live in New York, so I was looking for something with a similar vibe, aesthetic, and result.  I love getting this service done a few times a year because it really helps with detoxification and leaves my body feeling cleaner and tighter. Landa turned out to be a great choice! I felt so rejuvenated and healthy afterwards.  In addition to the Endermologie,... read full review )
Brittany H. – Braintree, MA
To be honest I was a little nervous about getting a consultation for cosmetic issue, it's just kind of an awkward topic for me personally. However everyone on the staff is professional and you can tell it's their specialty, so I felt immediately at ease. Also the atmosphere is very relaxing, not over-decorated at all. I've been to a couple spas that try too hard to be ultra modern zen and that's just not me. I wound up having a few procedures and I must say I am happy with the results. Everything was clearly explained and I felt... read full review )
Ani S. – Boston, MA
I first tried Landa last year because of the Groupon specials they were having. And since then, I keep coming back to try their other services. I really can see the improvement on my skin and hair since i started the laser hair removal. Dr. Landa is really knowledgeable on her area! And it does not bother me that the staff speaks in their native language, either Portuguese, Spanish or Russian! If there is something they want me to know, I'm sure they would tell me. I'm not a curious person and couldn't care less what they are talking... read full review )
Renata S. – Hudson, MA
Don’t be fooled by the casual, friendly atmosphere: this place has the latest state of the art equipment and the knowledge to go with it. I’ve been going regularly for laser treatments and facial care. The staff is experienced and knowledgeable and won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure their clients leave satisfied. The laser machine is incredible: NO PAIN. At all. It feels like a pencil eraser is being rubbed on your skin, nothing more. Yet it is highly effective, the results are wonderful. I haven’t seen a razor in ages, I can’t imagine shaving my legs, anymore. The facial care I get here is equally impressive, I don’t even bother with makeup, now. This is where I walk in frazzled and stressed, and come out happy, relaxed and glowing. Go for it!
Jessica – Boston, MA
I bought a groupon for laser removal treatments a Landa. I was hesitant to buy a groupon for another 'service' type deal because I had poor experiences with groupon services before. But, after I read the reviews on yelp for Landa I decided to give them a shot. I have had one visit so far, a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to wait to make my review until I saw/didn't results, but I can already notice a difference! The experience there was great, I was not uncomfortable and it really was almost painless! No discomfort after the... read full review )
Jenna C. – Burlington, MA
I was looking for a place that specialized in permanent back hair removal 
and found Landa cosmetic and spa. I was skeptical at first but after reading the 
testimonials and calling them I was put at ease. I have had this issue / problem
for a lengthy period of time and it was finally time to go for it. 

After a free consultation I was convinced that with the latest technology, 
and the no pain / side effect feel I was willing to try it out. The results were great upon outcome of the treatment and I can now go... read full review )
Todd L. – Middlesex, MA
I've enlisted the services of Landa Medical Spa on two different occasions so far, and was satisfied with  both experiences. Two months ago (when my usual aesthetician went on maternity leave) I gave Landa a shot. Like most of the other reviews mention this is a clean, professional office -there was a short wait when I first arrived for my appointment, but the staff was courteous and friendly. After my consultation (free btw, though it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know I have some stress/hormonal acne) I received a facial treatment of glycolic acid and some kind of... read full review )
Erica B. – Boston, MA
I love Landa Spa! Gabriela is wonderful - she's is friendly and helpful, but still highly professional. My Groupon for 6 Laser treatments on my upper lip was a great deal. I wanted to do my chin as well, and Gabriela was nice enough to make a special rate for me. read full review )
Ashly P. – Boston, MA
I have been a client of Landa Spa for a number of years and have always been very satisfied with my services. I have used most of the services that Gabriela offers and have found them to make a big positive difference in my skin. She recommends what she thinks I should do but never pushes me to do it. I also use Gabriela’s products. She doesn’t push them on me. If I want them, I buy them and if not, I don’t. I always feel that I am in good hands at this spa and trust that my outcome will be for the best. I have never been disappointed.
Whether it’s abrasion, acne, age spots, birthmarks, blemishes, breakouts, enlarged pores, facial hair, folds, scars, sun damage, varicose veins, or just plain old wrinkles that are getting under your skin, Landa Cosmetic & Spa’s state-of-the-art laser technology and up-to-the-minute skin care training and experience will bring out the youthful you. Their facials run the gamut from wiping out teenage pimples to smoothing out old-age wrinkles. Their laser hair removal permanently stops that growth that’s too much for the razor or tweezer.
I've never been much of a spa girl aside from the occasional massage or manicure, but now that I'm in my 30's, I've been starting to feel like my years of tanning and stress have begun to take a toll on my skin.  Thus, it was time to take action and shell out some money to get back a bit of my youthful appearance! While researching local spas for facials and microdermabrasion to help with my sun spots and fine lines, I found Landa Medical Spa.   I checked out the prices compared to the spas closest to my... read full review )
Erin E. – Hanson, MA
Landa Cosmetic and Spa located in Framingham, MA, which once was E C Laser is the medical spa to go to. It provides the newest technology in laser hair removal, facial treatments and body treatments. Those who work there are kind and really listen to what you are interested in. Consultations are free, and there are giveaways and great promotions. They do not only speak English, but also speak Portuguese and Spanish. Looking beautiful has no language barrier! Prices are phenomenal, and there are two payment options, all upfront (which provided me a discount) or split into various payments. I had some extra hair on my face that I wanted to get rid of, with the painless hair removal at Landa Cosmetic and spa, I no longer have that unwanted hair. It didn't burn and actually felt like a hot massage!
Veronica – Framingham, MA
This is a great place to go if you want skin improvement - just anticipate spending some money, but they're flexible with deals.
Peggy – Southborough, MA
I was honestly impressed by the Landa spa. Initially, there was a lot of confusion about the Groupon deal I had bought, but we were able to sort it out fairly quickly. I got a very in-depth explanation of the laser hair removal process, which I never got at other treatment centers. The facilities were very clean and well kept, which is always important. The owner was very friendly. My only issue is that I had to wait a long time for the treatment, but I won't remove a star because I was happy with my overall experience. Also,... read full review )
Kassi S. – Milton, MA
Overall I have had a good experience at landa cosmetics. I bought the laser hair removal treatments in the fall and have now done 4 of the 6 treatments. Every time I go Dr. Landa remembers who I am. I have never had a problem booking an appointment. So far the laser hair removal is working great! read full review )
Pat B. – Plymouth, MA
Landa Cosmetic & Spa is a wonderful place for all of your spa needs–whether they be facial or corporal, they seem to do it all! It is very easy to get an appointment, and they are very flexible about times, if you need to cancel or if you are delayed for whatever reason. I miss the former receptionist, Lorena, but her replacement, Lucy, is doing a great job, too. The owner, Gabriela, is extremely knowledgeable; she was trained in the field of medicine and worked as a physician in her native country of Peru before she moved to the United States. All of the products that they sell at Landa are medical grade and are therefore of much higher quality than those sold at other spas that are not medical spas. I have been undergoing various facial treatments, which I started originally as a result of a Groupon coupon that I had purchased, for some time and have been very pleased with the results. Gabriela is an amazing woman!
Luanna Elenna D.
I bought a GROUPON for 6 microdermabrasion treatments at Landa Spa and have been very impressed with the service so far. I really like Gabriella, she has a friendly demeanor and is nurturing. I have been getting treatments such as these for years and would know right away if someone wasn't knowledgeable or well practiced. The facility is in a hospital which made me feel at ease right away. It is clean and modern looking and I've never waited more than 5 minutes for an appointment to begin. read full review )
Ariel O. – Roslindale, MA
So I pulled the trigger on a Groupon for my girl, since she claimed she was in desperate need of a facial and apparently didn't already have any favorite estheticians. Thanks to that deal she found her face in the tender care of Gabriela, whom she really talked up after getting home. She took the skin consultation offered in the beginning and it sounded like they diagnosed some of her ongoing issues, even offered recommendations for treatment, i.e. microdermabrasion and extractions. She's pretty sensitive about her skin so I really regard Landa Spa highly now, they did a great... read full review )
Dan K. – Cambridge, MA
I only found out about Landa Cosmetic & Spa because of a Living Social deal; I had wanted to try laser hair removal, was a little skeptical, but so done with shaving my legs so I figured it was worth a shot at a discount, right? BEST decision I have ever made. Gabriela Landa (owns and runs the salon) is absolutely amazing: kind, understanding, knowledgable, and gentle. She has a background in Medicine, and it is clear by her bedside demeanor and how she truly understands the bodies responses to all of the treatments, so she can tell you... read full review )
Bridgid J. – Brookline, MA
I've had three appointments at this place and have been impressed. Super-friendly staff that puts you at ease, great results to date, and super-efficient - I've never been kept waiting more than five minutes for an appointment. I haven't had any problem at all booking appointments, so I'm not sure if I've just been lucky - but I have zero complaints about my experience. read full review )
Gail C. – Jamaica Plain, MA
I purchased a Groupon for laser hair removal for my face back in December.  I was very nervous about the treatment, but when I called to make an appointment, the receptionist was very helpful and told me what to expect and told me to make sure I shaved before the appointment.  (I see from another review that a person "forgot" to shave - but they are very clear about what you need to do before your appointment so you can have the best outcome.) read full review )
Jo L. – Marlborough, MA
I had a great facial experience at Landa! They were very cautious about my skin and informed me about everything that they applied on my face. My technician was so nice and detailed oriented. I am definitely recommending her to my friends and family! read full review )
Aditi P. – Boston, MA
I tried Landa Cosmetic for laser hair removal when I saw them on Groupon. I was nervous about the treatment and the Dr. Landa made me feel very calm and explained to me what the treatment was like and how to care for my treated area afterwards as well as how to prep my skin before the next appointment. I have since purchased more laser sessions for other areas and I couldn't be happier with the service and results I have received. read full review )
Kate F. – Boston, MA
Landa Cosmetic and Spa is a very pleasant place to visit.  They use an individualized approach to treating their clients.  I don't know much about facials and other spa treatments so it was nice to be taken care of by the staff there, due to their expertise.  I felt like they knew what I needed and could recommend the proper services for me. I also appreciated how serious they seem to be about skin care there.  Rather than a spa full of manicures and pedicures and hair stuff where skincare seems like an afterthought, they are primarily focused on... read full review )
Desiree M. – Boston, MA
This is hands down one of the greatest spas I've ever been to. I was completely exhausted and worn out when I decided to finally needed have some quiet, peaceful down time. When I came across the Landa Cosmetic & Spa, I instantly knew this was the place I needed to go. Walking in, the atmosphere is fantastic. You instantly feel calm walking through the doors. I started with the Lift Mask, and it was just what I needed. My face still feels so refreshed and smooth. I'm so, so beyond happy with the results from Landa Cosmetic, and... read full review )
Sara S. – Boston, MA
I purchased a Groupon for Landa Cosmetic and Spa in November and could not be happier with my results! The place is located right next to the hospital and the facility is very clean! I am very pleased with my results as I have started with the full Brazilian bikini. After only 2 sessions I can see major changes in the thinning of my hair and it has not grown back nearly as fast as it used to. The physician herself is extremely comforting and very helpful when it comes to answering any questions you may have. I give... read full review )
Ashley P. – Framingham, MA
I first went to Landa Cosmetics and Spa with a Groupon for laser hair removal. Six months later I am a loyal customer and couldn't say anything but wonderful things about this spa. Clean, courteous and thoroughly professional, the service at Landa has been impeccable. Be it laser or microdermabrasion, the results are outstanding and consistent. Gabriella Landa, the owner is extremely thorough and takes her time explaining the procedure and the expected results. read full review )
Niki S. – Weston, MA
Overall I have had a good experience at landa cosmetics. I bought the laser hair removal treatments in the fall and have now done 4 of the 6 treatments. Every time I go Dr. Landa remembers who I am. I have never had a problem booking an appointment. So far the laser hair removal is working great! read full review )
Rosalyn G. – Framingham, MA
Landa Cosmetic & Spa is very professional and offers many different treatments with first hand knowledge of how to apply treatements & products. I have been going there for a year and recommend Gabriela Landa. read full review )
Marlene A. – Framingham, MA
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