M’lis Program

Achieve your weight loss goals with proper nutrition and advice.

M’lis Weightloss Program

The M’lis program is based on the fact that to lose weight, you must not only consume fewer calories, but also give your body the right types of calories and adequate nutrition for optimal wellness.

This program provides a safe weight loss that does not use addictive or chemical substances, and does not create imbalances or cause ketosis. It utilizes sound nutrition and natural products that work together to dissipate fat and help correct weight-related health problems.

Fat is not the enemy (as there are some essential fats), and carbohydrates are not the enemy (as they provide fuel for every function of the body). The key is to eat a diet based on balance, following sound nutritional advice.

Mlis Detox Kit

M’lis Program Highlights

  • Detoxification to help cleanse the intestinal tract of old waste material and hard encrustations, to speed food processing time and strengthen the peristaltic action of the bowels.
  • An herbal appetite appeaser helps to stabilize blood sugar levels to help prevent feelings of hunger without chemicals or addictive substances.
  • Additional supplementation as determined by your personal health screening.
  • As with any successful health program, hydration is essential.

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